v002 App

An experimental live performance application embracing simplicity, with a focus on improvisation and gestural control.

An extremely minimal node based interface allows performers to quickly create complex video processing chains without needing to fiddle a mouse. Nodes automatically connect, and nodes can be inserted and moved via keyboard. Smart menus inspired by Spotlight, Quicksilver and Maya let users quickly find image processing nodes to insert into their composition.

Controls can be exposed to the flight deck by opening a node, so only the interface you need is exposed. All controls (on flight deck or not) can have gestural sequences recorded into them them, allowing for easy, performantive, looping of effect control. Each control surface has its own timeline, and all timeslines can be sped up or slowed down, or interrupted for manual control.

The entire application was built to provide immediate access to imporvisational play, without needing complex project setup, fiddling with layers, or managing heavy user interface.

v002 Application was built/conceived/iterated on in close collaboration with the amazing Tom Butterworth.