Open source, industustrial strength realtime inter application video sharing

Syphon is an open source framework that allows video software to share content with other video software, in realtime, with minimal overhead. A standard in live cinema, live visuals, new media toolkits, and professional media software. Syphon is included in tools such as Adobe Character Animator, Garagecubes Mad Mapper, Vidvox's VDMX, Resolume Arena and Avenue, and hundreds of other software packages.

Syphon is designed for and by new media technologists, realtime video artists and visualists. It is a labor of love, developed in the spare time of the authors. It is open, free and a gift to the new media community. If Syphon is useful to you or an application you are developing, please consider contributing or sponsoring to help continue development and support the cause.

Syphon is built in close collaboration with the amazing Tom Butterworth, with support from Gray Area, Vidvox, Garagecube, Arkaos and Millumin