An artificially-intelligent socially-powered experiential video machine for Michael Kors

In collaboration with Technology Humans and Taste and Audio Video Controls - we designed and created Walkbox - an immersive experience machine of epic proportions in Shanghai that capped off Michael Kors’ global The Walk campaign.

Walkbox made each guest the star of their own brand fashion film, through the experience of a director-led film shoot moving down a 50’ walk against an LED wall that placed the subjects in glamorous locations shot around the world.

3 cameras capture each guest and are analyzed in realtime. By the end of their walk, a fully edited, color corrected set of edits are ready to be imported to Final Cut Pro, where QC editors review and select the best edits for publishing. Edits were dynamically created based on the best shots in camera using custom machine learning computational cinematography software, powered by Anton Marini's open source Synopsis framework.

By night’s end, we’d published over 300 unique, personal, and beautiful films - shared broadly by celebrities, influencers, and guests - and engaged with by millions online.

Images courtesy AV&C