"The relationship between filmmaking and technological progress is one that’s been deeply intertwined since the beginning of cinema as we know it, so it’s only fitting that our present era of accelerated technological development should lead to some mind-blowing new forms of cinematic expression. The Creators Project teamed up with art and technology center Eyebeam, and world-renown visual effects company Framestore, to bring together hand-picked teams of filmmakers, creative coders, animators, designers, and sound designers to imagine what new tools, techniques, and forms of storytelling might emerge from this creative collision."

An experimental short documentary exploring the eye as a window to the soul. Each eye is unique, and has their own story to tell. Volunteers have their eye 'scanned' at high resolution, creating a unique terrain that can be interactively navigated. Answers to probing questions explore the hopes, desires, fears and joys unique to each eye and each soul.

A Collaboration with Mike Cahill, Golan Levin, Brian Chasalow and myself